Guest Covid-19 Protocols

  • Either prior to or on arrival, guests will be required by law to fill in a form declaring their general state of health and other key personal factors linked to Covid-19 which must be recorded so that they may be traced if necessary.

  • Guests will be required to sanitise their hands and shoes/footwear on arrival at the door, check-in and we will administer the sanitiser.

  • At the time of checking in, guests will be required to fill in the Covid-19 form and guest register.

  • The temperature of all guests will be taken on arrival/check-in. For multiple-day stays, daily temperature will be taken and recorded.

  • If a guest’s temperature is high (actual temperature at screening should not exceed 37.5º C) and/or they have symptoms of the virus they will be disallowed to check-in and will be referred to a medical facility or asked to contact their healthcare professional.

  • It is mandatory that guests please have their own masks.

  • Guests will be required to wear masks on the property except in their rooms or whilst eating.

  • Guests are free to leave their rooms to go to their respective places of work/collect take- out meals/shopping etc and return, but must refrain from freely walking around the property. There is an outside area next to each room which is for each respective guest’s use too.

  • The breakfast buffet and self service will no longer be available but guests can order from a menu. We will plate and serve the guest accordingly.

  • Guests may seek to have their meals delivered to their rooms to avoid contact with other guests.

  • Social distancing between any persons/guests/us in public areas is encouraged and should be between 1.5 - 2.0 metres.

  • Guests from the same small family/friend group who share a room can be close to each other.

  • Guests are encouraged to wash their hands with soap on a regular basis for at least 20 seconds.

  • Guests are requested to place any used disposable items ( e.g take out meal containers) and waste in the bag provided ,and leave outside the room when they are finished.

  • Guests should attempt to make payment via online services and check-out can be via depositing keys in the letterbox, to reduce the need for the proximity of people.

  • The NICD hotline number is 080 002 9999 or W/Cape Govt hotline is 021 928 4102

The Oval Bed & Breakfast Covid-19 Protocols

  • We have chosen to adopt a common-sense approach towards Covid-19.

  • We have informed our staff about the safety measures they need to adopt whilst at the workplace and most importantly how to protect themselves on public transport and at their respective abodes.

  • On arrival at work each day, our staff have a temperature check and hands and footwear are sanitised before proceeding.

  • Staff wear masks and ensure that hands are washed regularly whilst also utilising sanitising spray.

  • Disposable gloves are worn when cleaning B&B rooms.

  • Staff uniforms are washed daily

  • During the lockdown period, we will not have more than one staff member per day and encourage everyone to adhere to social distancing (1,5 -2,0 m) on the premises.

  • Good hygiene is applied when washing all laundry, crockery and cutlery in the washing machine and dishwasher respectively.

  • Depending on demand, we will only use our four outside guestrooms with their own separate entrances versus the one room inside our house.

  • All guest rooms; furniture; surfaces; bathrooms; handles; plugs; switches; TV’s and other amenities are sprayed with sanitiser prior to guests arrival/check-in and will be sanitised; cleaned; serviced every 2-3 days for longer stays, unless the guest would
    prefer a daily sanitisation.

  • Rooms and linen are stripped after a guest’s departure and the room is fully sanitised prior to being made up again.

  • For longer stays, linen changes per guest will only be made every five to seven days.

  • Soft furnishings have been minimised in the rooms to lessen contact surfaces.

  • The drinks which were on offer in the fridge have been removed but still available and guests may order as per the Refreshment list (the idea with that is to minimise touching surfaces).

  • Ventilation is important and windows and cupboard doors will be opened while cleaning/servicing rooms.

  • A sanitiser spray will be provided in all the rooms for guest use

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